Vanity Gentlemen’s Club — Very nasty attitude

Me and my friends visited from Atlanta. KEEP in mind Atlanta has some of the most popular strip clubs. We literally drove 20 minutes away from our hotel, and the guy turned us away from the door because we were too pretty. He proceeded to let this other woman in and her group, but in my Opinion she was gorgeous, but yet we still werent allowed in because of our image and backside. Honestly this is ridiculous if youre so **** worried about pretty women taking away from your establishment then maybe you need to reevaluate it, as well as yourselves. We honestly thought the security guard was joking. When we decided to come back in, the red headed woman in the front told us to leave with a very nasty attitude, we were so confused. She said you were turned away three times. Im like we thought you were joking ? Because honestly with nobody in the establishment , we figured you wouldnt turn away anyone. And its a Friday night. The main reason we thought it was a joke was because we couldnt believe an establishment would turn away women from a place because of their looks? This was the norm in Atlanta! All the women pretty! So what the ****? This was some bullshit! Either way money would still be going into your establishment. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KICK OUT PRETTY WOMEN because youre afraid they will TAKE AWAY from your business establishment. Thats ridiculous. And, if you truly feel that way about your dancers, then get some better looking dancers that meet up to yalls STANDARDS . Yall can really kiss my a**

Vanity Gentlemen’s Club
2880 Bethel Rd
Columbus, OH 43220-6111
(614) 764-1700

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