DoorDash — Refused to issue a refund

At 2:44 AM on March 15 2023, I placed an order for an “Apple ****” 10th Generation iPad with WiFi 64GB Blue”. I had intended to go back and swap it out with another model in the cart, and to buy Doordash membership to halve the fees, but I had accidentally hit the button to make the order.Immediately realizing my mistake and expecting the order to be swiftly refunded upon canceling it, I proceeded to attempt to cancel it, but I was told by the system that I needed to contact support. I did so, and the agent cancelled the order, but told me that they couldn’t issue me “compensation”, which is a bizarre and disingenuous way of referring to a refund for a cancelled order. They said they needed to escalate the issue to a higher up, which I said was unacceptable.I spoke to two more support people, and they told me that no refund (“compensation)” would be forthcoming at all. I then had one offer to transfer me to the appropriate team, and I have been left on hold with no responses for over half an hour.I have never had a situation where a company would not automatically reverse a charge for a cancelled order where there were zero charges already incurred, let alone one in which the company REFUSED to issue a refund. This is outrageous, and I will promptly file a dispute with PayPal by 5 PM today if I don’t have my money back.

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