GFL Environmental — GFL is causing blight to Detroit neighborhoods

Our regular bulk, recycle trash pick up was 31623. As of 31723, the bulk put out the night before was not picked up. I did not know until I got home from work, it was too late their office had closed. I called 32023 for missed pick up. It was not only mine but a few more on the same block. I was told it may be a day or so. I shared with customer service what was on curbside. wood from door trim, rug. On 32123, the debris was not picked up instead I received a notice stating:-debris exceeded two cubic yards. False I attached picture -debris was disallowed as building or  construction material. False it was wood, a rug, and a large cardboard box broken down. picture attached -litter was present. Any litter was caused by the debris being left for 5 days under high winds. I keep my home area block clean GFL should do the job contracted and paid by us as taxpayers.

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