Synchrony — I stopped using the card

I opened a credit card through Synchrony Bank in 2015. I maintained a balance on the card, but I also maintained auto-payments that were equal to double the interest at the highest balance. I stopped using the card, but the principle didn’t diminish. Rather, it seemed to be going up. Upon investigation I found that Synchrony Bank had attributed a “Card Security” fee to my monthly bill which was based on my total balance. This fee amounted to $403.68 in 2022, $468.44 in 2021, $283.32 in 2020, etc. So in 3 years time, I had paid almost the principle balance just in fees, over a period that the principle balance was not being added to because the card was not in use. In December of 2022 I began calling Synchrony Bank and Card Security to question this fee. Both entities claim they have record that I checked a box to add the service when I applied for the card online. I didn’t sign up for the card online, I signed up in-store at Lowes and I did not add any extra services to the card. Card Security, whose automated phone answering system allows you the ability to enroll or cancel enrollment, claimed that Synchrony Bank had to resolve the charge, and that Card Security had no way of knowing how much they had charged me in order to refund (?!). I requested my statements from Synchrony for 2015 onward. They were only able to provide me with my statements from 12/2017 onward. A month later, Synchrony had cancelled my accounts with them and mailed statements. Synchrony has charged me $1,355.52 since 12/2017 for Card Security. Since 12/2022 I have not received a single one of the promised call-backs from Synchrony Bank or Card Security. I called Card Security in 02/2023 to check progress and was told they had refunded $374.58. Excluding the two years of undocumented charges, this leaves $980.94 that they owe me. The current balance on the card is $599.03, despite automated monthly payments of $110, and no activity on the card in years.

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