Paparazzi Accessories — Liar Liar pants on fire

Good Afternoon, Please see the attached lab reports from and accredited lab firm that tested 10 pieces of jewelry from Paparazzi Accessories. You will see the heavy metals and toxins that they tested some are off the charts high. Paparazzi since the beginning in 2010 has always claimed that they are nickel and lead free. That is one of their highest marketing points. You will also find an attachment showing where they advertised as lead and nickel free and then in December they removed that claim on their website. The issue is that since 2010 until December of 2021 they were false advertising. Once numerous ex-consultants started testing on their own and then the lab tested Paparazzi decided that they needed to remove that disclaimer. What about those 11yrs under false advertising and potentially harming customers and consultants. Now, the lab is showing even more toxic chemicals and metals. What the heck?!? How can they say they follow California Prop 65 laws when this is happening? They know they are harming millions and do not see it as an issue. The BBB needs to be aware of this and contact them and take whatever action is that you would take against them. They owe so many consultants thousands if not millions of dollars for buying their jewelry and then we turn around and sell it to our customer base. We did that not knowing any of this was the case with the jewelry. We now know and most have cancelled our consultant agreement. Our banks are informing us that we have to first try to get refunded from Paparazzi and if they refuse then we able to file with the banks. Our customers that we sold this product to are wanting answers and they to would like a refund. It is Paparazzi responsibility not the consultants as we are just as innocent as our customers. Two additional issues, they are a Pyramid Scheme and they run their company like it is a cult and we all were drinking their kool-aid buying into all their expectations and lies. Thank you

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