Yukon Gold Casino — Won’t complete a withdrawal request

I requested a withdrawal of $4,000 in winnings July 15th, and ever since have been on the receiving end of a never ending delaying tactic. It starts with saying I owe them for deposits which were cancelled 15 months ago. Two problems with this – in Canada you cannot cancel an e-transfer once it has been received, and I copied them the bank notice that the items in question had been completed. Secondly, no viable business is going to wait for 15 months to follow up on a potential shortfall of $900, so to bring it up only when I requested some money back is suspect to say the least. I did send the bank statements requested several times, though they said they couldn’t read them, but honestly, since this cancellation couldn’t have happened to an e-transfer, that is pretty much irrelevant, even if true. I am very tired of being given such a run around, and would appreciate a resolution to this. I did agree (reluctantly) to reduce my request by $50 – as their records showed $600 transferred, and my bank records for that date showed $550. So the withdrawal request is now $3950. I have no way of determining whether they credited me with $600 on that date, or whether it was the $550 actually transferred. The $50 is sitting in my account for their use. Process the withdrawal request.

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