William Barkan Esq — Incompetent Lawyer

I hired William Barkan to do a simple small claims case for me. He is very nasty never takes a bath and smells nasty, this should have been red flag from the start not to hire this loser. I had to be in court and he called me at the last minute and told me to come and pick him up because his car will not start. I told him my car was to small for him to get into and he tells me that this is hearsay. So William gets mad tells me if you need me to represent you in court then you need you to come pick me up. So i go and pick him up the smell was awful and he broke the handle on my car door. it took me 3 months to get the odor out of my car. He kept farting in my car and thought it was funny. So we get to the court house the guards at the metal detector was spraying lysol when we walk down the hall. Now we are in the court room at trail he sets there dont say a word and the Judge looks at him thought he was a lousy lawyer. He did not present any evidence to the court that was given to him by me personally. He is so bad that the judge shook his head at his obvious disbelief at his misrepresentation of my case. I lost my case because I hired this complete incompetence lawyer. He takes your money and provides horrible representation. Sorry, just the truth and everyone needs to know it.

William Barkan Esq
Barkan & Robon Ltd
1701 Woodlands Dr Ste 100
Maumee, OH 43537-4056
(419) 897-6500

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