Vinted — Item not received while I was on holiday and Vinted refusing to offer any support

I ordered an item that was delivered to me whilst I was on holiday. Unfortunately this meant that I was not able to raise an issue within the two day period. I understand that this is Vinted’s return policy, however it is ridiculous to expect everyone to be at home 24/7 to accept items. When i contacted Vinted’s customer service team for help, they were extremely unhelpful and just said ‘kindly note we are no longer able to help you’. I am extremely dissatisfied with this response. Not even an attempt to assist me. i have contacted the courier to make a complaint about their delivery but their policy is to raise it with the seller, who in this case is Vinted. The Vinted customer service didn’t even suggest that i contact the courier, which even though I had already done, would have at least been an attempt by them at a helpful suggestion. The same thing has happened to my partner who spent a lot of money on items that didn’t arrive and he has not been able to get any kind of support from Vinted either.

Gove me a refund because I haven’t received the item I paid for.

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