Stop and Shop — Digital coupons

I have a stop and shop card and thought that it was being used to automatically include digital coupons. I was told at the checkout it wasn’t that I would have to go online to redeem them and use them. Well I don’t have a computer or printer ( I’m doing this on a friends laptop). I also know several other seniors that are also not that computer savvy. I had to purchase the items at full price as I did not have the digital coupons. I also do not have a smart phone. I think the company should have the digital coupons automatically included in the the Stop a and shop card. It’s really quite discriminatory against senior citizens in particular who might not have the computer or skills necessary for these coupons. I can’t go to a friends house every time I need to go to the supermarket. Please reconsider your digital policies. There’s enough discrimination against people our age to begin with. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. The courtesy of a reply would be appreciated. Include use of digital coupons with Stop and Shop cards.

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