Opodo — Refund for a flight cancellation

I booked a round trip to Japan 6 months in advance with Opodo, which required a connecting flight at Tokyo. Two months later the airline prolonged the flight duration from London to Tokyo for 2 hours by changing the route due to the Ukrainian situation. This change made the connection impossible, and the entire return trip became unachievable. Initially I tried to change the connection with Opodo, but they insisted that I should ask the airline. The booking had been made with Opodo, and airlines don’t deal with any request regarding the bookings made by agencies (actually I contacted the airline to what I’d known). Realising the conversation with Opodo call centre would go nowhere, I decided to cancel the booking and rebook elsewhere. Even for the cancellation, their website advised to go to the airline (which I did in vain again) but I had to call the Opodo operator. I expected a full-refund because it was on account of the airline’s change of schedule, not my personal request. To my surprise, they offered a partial refund, only 30% of the air fare I had paid. Presumably the airline didn’t provide the travel agencies with any insurance against their schedule change this time (I did receive a full-refund via Opodo upon the airline cancellation of a flight due to the Covid travel-ban), but it is a sheer business issue between them, and the customers have no obligation to pay for other than what they gained. I had to accept the partial refund to move forward, but I’d like to make an official complaint and receive a full refund.

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