Lyndsey Suggs — Fort Lewis, Washington

This women is in the military here at Fort Lewis, and has broken up my serious relationship with my boyfriend, after which I found out she is a serial homewrecker and has dated multiple attached and married men, and ruined other relationships. She is a disgrace to her job, and if your husband or partner works with her, or she shows up in their phone or their messages, start asking questions right away! Once I found out she already has a profile on here from years ago, and the stories I have heard from other women, I knew other spouses on Fort Lewis and online need to be warned. She thinks she can just destroy peoples lives and move on with her perfect life, but life doesn’t work like that, this is going to backfire on her. I hope she gets help, but for the rest of us, keep your significant other FAR away from her, she is a sociopath. This is a picture she posted publicly, so I have shared it so she can’t avoid it and hopefully starts taking a long hard look at her life.

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