ABC Legal Services — Stay clear and avoid these scumbags

Do not hire ABC Legal Process Servers to serve your legal papers.

These people have spread themselves too thin, by forming weird criminal unethical partnerships or affiliations with con-artists, criminals, and other assorted scumbags in your state to claim that they have a “national office presence.”

Problem is, that these “affiliates” rarely if ever serve your papers on time or at all, and instead do shady things like visit the target on late Friday nights when no one is sure to be around, or just turn and walk away when some loser lamely tells them that the person is not there, or some other push over weak BS reason not to serve your papers, or to keep coming back again, and again, and again, charging you $75 a pop each time without your knowledge or permission (fraud) to your credit card for each new “attempt.”

This is their “business model.”

All the more suspiciously, these scumbags have no telephone customer service to speak of, nor do they have any normal customer service representatives, just creepy emails like and, which always go unanswered or responded to by some weirdo in an email that looks like the person is high on drugs, beyond reality.

It’s a weird company, has a ton of complaints on the Better Business Bureau, and is currently upon information and belief getting investigated by the Washington State Attorney General, the New York State Attorney General, the FBI, and scores of other law enforcement agencies.

Stay clear and avoid these scumbags if you want your legal papers to be served properly, on time, or even at all.

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