Madison Barbosa — Federal Way, Washington

I met Madson in my Junior year of High School, I was only 16 and I knew he was 23 but I was so attracted to him and he was a fantasy guy for me. I pushed on with a relationship with him. I was legal age of consent in our state so we hooked out our first date and it was amazing. I wont lie that I felt a little strange about being with an older guy, I bragged to my friends about it and showed off how I ended up with a super attractive guy. 2 years later, I realize how naive I actually was because this man only used me for *** and I loved him so much. He never took me on dates or anything because he had a wife who was either oblivious or just didn’t care. I was lurking one night and found his facebook, which he lied by saying he didn’t have one, and I found his wife on there. She was breathtaking while I was eh. They looked like they were meant for each other plus how pretty she was, I didn’t understand how he went after me. Recently, I found out via him that he had plenty of girls that chased him and he hooked up with. Which prompted me to get a STD test and I texted his wife to get one too… crazy, we ended up sorta-friends. Hung out a couple times, talked over the phone and I shared photos of me and my child with her. She told me she never knew he did this but she stayed with him to this day. I’m now 18 and grew into my prettiness (puberty hit like a train) so he continues to message me begging for *** or some form of a picture cause hes “lonely”. Hes petty, I feel bad for her and I’m finally happy I can actually tell this story.

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  1. So technically this guy is actually a pedophile. 16 and 23 is not acceptable at all. You were raped. I am so sorry he groomed you like he did. I am sure he continues to sleep with minors and they are probably as confused and hurt as you are. Hopefully someone’s mom or dad turns this sick pos in!!!

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